Thank You for your Interest (USA)

Thank you for your interest in purchasing ProLon.

Before you can complete you purchase, you will need to consult with your health care provider or speak with a health care provider from our network to make sure ProLon is safe for you to use. Based on your response that you have been diagnosed with a medical condition, or are taking medications for a chronic health concern, we require that you receive the approval and/or supervision of a health care provider when using ProLon.

Option 1: Speak with your current health care provider to make sure ProLon is right for you. Have them order ProLon on your behalf or send us a letter stating that they have assessed your current health condition and are approving you to use it.

Option 2: Schedule a complimentary consultation with a telemedicine health care provider in our network to determine if ProLon is safe for you to use at this time.

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